Milgamma és magas vérnyomás. MILGAMMA NEURO 100/100 MG BEVONT TABLETTA 30 DB

milgamma és magas vérnyomás

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Nowadays, the treasury of drugs grows also step by step, which drugs help us to avoid or delay the development of diabetic late complications and to reduce their symptoms.

These drugs are certain ACE-inhibitors and calcium antagonists, aminoguanidine, benfotiamine, bimoclomol, trimetazidine, magnesium and magnesium-orotate, large amounts of vitamin-E, reducing the hypertension, inhibiting the protein glycation, intracellular calcium overload or synthesis and the release of free radicals or treating the depletion of magnesium, the hypoxic and ischaemic injuries, the alterations of lipid metabolism or the albuminuria.

Furthermore, the antidiabetic drug acarbose reduces the signs of diabetic neuropathy, too. Morgan, T, Anderson, A: Clinical efficacy of perindopril in hypertension. Clin Exp Pharmacol Physiol.

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milgamma és magas vérnyomás magas vérnyomás és iszapkezelés

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Milgamma és magas vérnyomás, Pharmacol Maupoil, V: Direct mesurement of free radical generation in isolated rat heart by electron paramagnetic resonance spectroscopy: effect of trimetazidine.

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